The Secret to My Success

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In this post, I will share about video Narrative “The Secret to Success” by Nash Daily. hopefuly, in the future I will share mine. Overall, the video inspires me. Here are the Narrative of The Secret to My Success by Nash Daily.

The Secret to My Success
by: Nash Daily

I hope this video changes your life. Because what I’m about to share with you, changed my life. See when he looks back at all the success he had in the past 3 years from traveling, to making videos, to making money. I realized That he succeeded mainly because of one thing. And that one thins is . . . .


Deadlines are the single most important thing in my life. And Here is why. . .

How Deadlines Changed My Life

Let’s say you want to write a book and you have no deadline. The first day you write a little bit. The second day you write a little bit more and because you have unlimited time, you keep working day by day on that book, and after many days you lost interest you never finish and never publish. This is the classic case of giving up. I had that too all the time. But you will be amazed by how much a strict deadline can change your life.

The first day you write a few words. The second day you write a bit more, but because you have to finish a book by the third day, you work your ass off to write as much as possible before the deadline and just like that you have written a perfectly good book and published it.

3 years ago, I set a deadline for myself 24 hours. Everyday I forced my self to make one video like this one from the beginning to end. So by 9am the next day I need to publish a video. This is how I was able to create 1,000 videos In 1,000 days. That’s 1,000 days. I Never broke the deadline. Not even once. No matter what. It was hard, it was painful. I don’t want to make a single one more video but because of that “That’s one minute, That’s one minute, see you tomorrow!”,


And I’m going to be honest with you. Without a strict deadline, I would have taken weeks to finish one video. The quality would not have improved and I would have eventually quit.

Nash: Remember we had this agreement where if you die or if one of my family members die God forbid by law, I still have to make a video in 24 hours.

Nash’s girlfriend: Yeah You would keep making videos Even if we die. I think its really good that you have deadline, You love deadlines. That’s true. Loves Deadlines.

Nash: I Love Deadlines.

I Love them so much that I made a deadline for my life. I wear a t-shirt everyday that reminds me of how short life is. My life’s deadline is 75 years on average and this is how much I am done with it (Nash shows image in shirt with vector 36% life).

So, every time I wear this t-shirt I am motivated to use time wisely. To create, to make, to live, before the ultimate deadlines comes. Trust me on this one, put a deadline on your book, on you project, on your goal, and even on your life, and follow it like religion. You will be surprised at how much more will live. See You Next Week!!

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