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Today as the day before. and I was very happy with today after undergoing an evaluation at my residence. By the way, This month until October there are companies that are making a Charity Social Responsibility programs for community service. As usual I started to follow this contest. Indonesia hopes the program Serving with me can be one of volunteer in development community. 

This program is a program that requires the support of the user’s facebook, twitter, either via comment or just give a thumb to the program page that I created.
so I really expect the help of friends to provide support to the program that I created.

I propose this program is to serve Indonesia. with the ultimate goal is to create an institution for people with basic business and the development of local potential.
friends can provide support by:
1. entered into the following pages
2. please read carefully the program that I propose
3. if you wish, please leave a comment. could comment with the English language and Indonesian.
4. see the top of the page. friends next to retwitt, like using facebook page or just clicking the thumbs as one of support for the program that I propose.

this is My propose page: IndonesiaMengabdi

About IndonesiaMengabdi:

a program of community service movement with an increase in local potential. with values​​-based entrepreneurship. Its main objective is to establish an area that can be optimal in terms of economy, culture, environment and mindset of society. so that the area could be an area that has added value, innovation andsynchronization that exists between institutions and businesses. that ultimately the welfare of society is becoming increasingly better.
program is held at:
Kp. Al Barakah RT 02 RW 09 Desa Situ Udik Cibungbulang Bogor District
and this program has been started since March 2011

Many Activity in IndonesiaMengabdi Programs:

Community of IndonesiaMengabdi
Community of IndonesiaMengabdi
interview to a local businessman
interview to a local businessman

brainstorming ideas, business discussions
So maybe, once again I look forward to the support from my friends .. to build a better Indonesia.
best regards
#IndonesianChangemakers Team (Rahmat Nugraha, and Friends)

kang Rahmat

<p>Start up – Entrepreneur. Moeslim, 28Yo. Indonesian.</p>

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